Same merchandise but…

I love the righteous, though I’m not one of them,
Perhaps I will gain their mediation for me.
And I hate those whose trade is sin,
Though we may both have the same merchandise!”

Imam Al-Shafii

How to deal with insolence

“The insolent one talks to me with all ugliness,
But I hate to be to him a replier.
He keeps getting uglier and I keep forbearing,
Like an incense stick: the more burned the more fragrant!”

Imam Al-Shafii


Do you know what the greatest kind of freedom is? That is when you do not allow anyone to invade your insides against your will. One may dominate your body, but your soul remains free, and your thought is still rebellious to be subjugated except to God.

Salman Bin Fahd al-O’da


More Awful than Sin


What more awful than committing sin is when God deprives you of the grace of feeling its bitterness.
Shaikh Muhammad Mutwaly al-Sha’rawy

Ah, the job of a scholar

“The religious scholar enters between a worshiper and his Lord. So, he had better find the exit!”

Ibn Al-Mubaarak

Islamic Fasting








Fasting is not just a matter of faith, not just a personal issue concerning the individual alone. It is rather a social commitment. This interpretation of fasting is not perceived in other religions. Islamic fasting is a unit which combines worship, happiness and enjoyment in certain cases. It is one of the most powerful and realistic educational methods. That is because fasting is performed in palaces of kings as well as in cottages of peasants, in a philosopher’s house and in a house of a worker.

Dr. Abdel-Wahab al-Messery

Types of Beauty








Know that beauty is two types: external and internal. Internal beauty is loved for itself; it is the beauty of knowledge, reason, generosity, chastity and courage. That inside beauty is what God looks at and loves in His servant. Moreover, inside beauty beautifies the external image even if it is not appealing, when the person is covered with reverence, sweetness and beautiful manners as much as his soul acquires of those features. A believer is granted reverence and beauty according to his faith, so he is revered by those who meet him and loved by those who deal with him. This is commonly observed as you can see the righteous, charitable and well-mannered man projecting the nicest impression even if he is plain in looks, especially when he has been blessed with keeping night prayers as they illuminate the face and beautify it.

Ibnul-Qayyem al-Jawzy


Proof of Progress


Yielding to emotion is a regression, not a sign of progress. The proof of progress is when our emotion is controlled by our minds; and our minds are subjugated to our will, and our will is led by our ideals.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud












Fasting is an ancient ritual which is common in all religions. Those who like controversy always ask, “How come that God creates for us a mouth, teeth, pharynx and stomach to eat and then ask us to fast?! How come He creates beauty and lust then asks us to lower our gaze and be chaste? Is that reasonable?”
 I say to them it is the only reasonable thing. God gives you a horse to ride and not to be ridden by it. You are supposed to subjugate the horse and lead it, not to be led by it. Your body is your horse which is created for you to ride, control, lead and use for your own purpose. You are not supposed to be subjugated by your body or used to achieve its lusts and desires. Hence, controlling desire, steering whim and bridling stomach are the signs of man.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud

The Building in Paradise

The palaces of paradise are built by zikr (the remembrance of Allah); the more you perform remembrance of Allah, the more the angels build for you. If the worshiper stops remembrance of Allah, the angels will stop building!
Ibn al-Qayyem