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Be Thankful

Appreciate what you have, and do not think of what you do not have. What you have is from Allah’s Blessing, and what you do not have is from Allah’s wisdom.

Dr. Ahmad E’sa al-Ma’sarawy

What Tyranny Fears

Tyranny fears nothing as much as it fears awakening of peoples and vigilance of hearts. It hates none as much as it hates those who call their nation to awareness and revival; those who awaken sleeping consciences.
Sayyed Qutb


Allah Is The Greatest

Reverting to Islam cannot be by writing “Allah is the Greatest” on our banner. It is rather when our hearts are filled with “Allah is the Greatest” and when we make it the motive of our doings and the goal of our life.

Shaikh Mohammad al-Ghazaly (an Egyptian religious scholar)

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The Most Precious Three

Imam al-Shafi’y said: “The most precious things are three:
To be generous despite your poverty,
To be pious and God-fearing when not watched, and
To say a word of truth before someone of power.


Nobody knows your pain and suffering more than the Almighty. The truth is nobody really cares as much as HIM. HE is All Knowing and Most Wise.

Mufti Ismail Menk



Justice Is of His Mercy

Some of the toughest ayaat in the Quran have Allah’s name “ar-Rahman” in them to make it clear that just because Allah is the Most Merciful, it doesn’t mean He’s not going to carry out justice.

Nouman Ali Khan


Charity precedes you

                           A sentence written on a wall of a tomb:

“You cannot take your money with you, but you can make it precede you.”

                            A wounderful description of charity

Dr. Ahmad Isa al-Ma’sarawy



Justice, mercy, wisdom, righteousness and common good are the basics of Islam. Whatever gets out of justice to injustice is not from Islam. Whatever gets out of mercy to violence is not from Islam. Whatever deviates from common good to harm is not from Islam, and whatever dissents from wisdom to imprudence is not from Islam.

Imam Ibnul-Qayyem   

Translated by: Amany el-Morshidy

Have Full Trust in Allah


Whoever thinks that falsehood overcomes righteousness, they don’t have full trust in Allah!
 Imam Ibnul-Qayyem


Freedom or Slavery

Sometimes slavery (thralldom) disguises itself in the garment of freedom. It then appears as breaking away from all restrictions, traditions and customs. It appears as removal from all human responsibilities in this life.


There is an essential difference between breaking the shackles of humiliation, pressure and weakness, and breaking those of humanity and its related responsibilities. The first means real freedom, while the second means giving up basic factors of humanity that release man from heavy animalism.

It is a false freedom because it is nothing but submissiveness and thralldom to ruffian desires and animalism. Humanity spent centuries on Earth struggling against those bestial desires to get rid of their choking shackles and move into human liberty.

Why does humanity feel ashamed of showing its physical needs? That is because it feels by nature that man’s elevation, despite his urgent needs, is the fundamental definition of humanity. Moreover, breaking away from the shackles of those needs is true freedom. That is because overcoming urges of flesh and blood, and defeating fears of weakness and humiliation, assert the true meaning of humanity!

Sayyed Qutb (a late Egyptian intellectual)

Translated by: Amany el-Morshidy


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