The Mercy of Allah

“Whatever of mercy (i.e. of good), Allah may grant to mankind, none can withhold it; and whatever He may withhold, none can grant it thereafter. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise”.( Surat Fatir)


In this verse you can see a form of the endless forms of the power of Allah. When the meaning of this verse is firmly established in a human heart, it then leads to an entire change in this heart’s feelings, conceptions, attitudes and values in this life.

It cuts off all the heart’s connections to any power of the universe and connects it only to the power of Allah. It leads the heart to give up any other mercy in the universe and connects it to the mercy of Allah. It closes all other doors except the door of Allah. Moreover, it blocks all other routes to open the route to Allah.

The mercy of Allah is represented in infinite aspects. Man can never enumerate it or list it in himself, his formation, or his honorable position, everything that Allah subjugated to him and all of the blessings Allah bestowed on him of which he knows and does not know; and what he does not know is more than what he knows.

The mercy of Allah emerges in what we are deprived of as well as in what we are granted. Those whom Allah bestowed His mercy upon can find it in everything, in any position, in any circumstances, they can find it everywhere. They find it in their souls, in their feelings; they can find it all around them, no matter how or where they are. They can find it even if they lost everything and seem to other people as if they suffer deprivation.

Those whom Allah deprived of His mercy miss it in everything, in every position, in every state and everywhere. They miss it even if they possess everything and seem to others to enjoy great luxury.

Every gift that is not accompanied by the mercy of Allah turns out to be a curse. Moreover, you can not find an ordeal wrapped by the mercy of Allah, unless it turns out to actually be a blessing. A man may sleep on thorns, and by the mercy of Allah he feels as if he sleeps on a comfortable bed. He may sleep on silk, while the mercy of Allah is not maintained, and it turns into prickles. He handles the hardest matter, and it turns to be easy and simple with the mercy of Allah. On the contrary, the easiest matter becomes hard and complicated if it lacks the mercy of Allah. He, supported by the mercy of Allah, plunges into dangers and fears and they become peace and security. However, he finds paved routes become deadly and ruinous if the mercy of Allah abandoned him.

There is no distress with the mercy of Allah. The distress is in its absence. There is no distress even if the one, wrapped by the mercy of Allah, is in the darkness of prison or in the hell of torment or in the routes of ruin. Moreover, there is no ease when this mercy is withheld, even if the one is leading the most luxurious life. That is because with the mercy of Allah all springs of happiness, satisfaction and tranquillity erupt within the human soul itself. Moreover, the agony of worry, weariness, pains and sufferings creep within the human soul if this mercy is lost.

If the door of this mercy is open while all other doors and routes are closed, nothing can harm you. You will find nothing but ease, relief, comfort and welfare. On the contrary if the door of this mercy is closed while all other doors and routes are open, nothing can benefit you. You find nothing but distress, anguish, hardship, worry and suffering.

If the stream of this mercy flows, then there is no worry even if your livelihood, income and residence worsen. There is no worry even if your life is hard and tough, as you find nothing but weal, comfort, tranquility and happiness. On the other hand, if the stream of this mercy is blocked off, nothing can benefit you, even if your livelihood, income and residence improve, you will find nothing but distress, hardship and misery.

Wealth, children, health, strength, authority and power become sources of worry, fatigue, annoyance and stress if the mercy of Allah abandons them. Only when Allah opens the doors of His mercy, they become sources of tranquility, comfort, happiness and ease.

Allah enlarges wealth– with His mercy- to become good enjoyment and richness. It becomes opulence and ease in this life and a supply for the Hereafter. However, if Allah withholds His mercy, the enlarged wealth turns to be source of worry, fear, and cause of envy and hatred. Moreover, it may be accompanied with deprivation by stinginess or sickness, or it may be wasted by excessiveness or carelessness.

Allah grants children- with His mercy- to be adornment in life and a source of joy and happiness. It is also a source of doubled reward in the hereafter by the righteous offspring that are devoted to Allah. These children could be a source of tribulation, suffering and misery day and night if Allah withholds His mercy.

Allah donates health and strength- with His mercy- to be a blessing and enjoyment in life, but if Allah blocked His mercy, the health and strength would be a curse. That is when the one abuses his health in what destroys his body, spoils his soul and saves evil end for the Day of Judgment.

Allah grants power and wealth- with His mercy- to be means of reformation, source of security and a means of performing good deeds and saving good memory for the hereafter. However, when Allah withholds His mercy, the power and wealth become source of concern not to lose them, and source of tyranny and injustice. They also provoke envy and hatred on their owner so that he can never feel tranquility or enjoy his wealth. As a consequence, they overburden him with heavy load of sins and suffering in hell fire.

Abundant knowledge, long life span and good standing are all changeable and may alter according to Allah sending or withholding His mercy. Even a little knowledge can benefit one and bear fruit, even a short life can be blessed by Allah, and Allah can grant happiness even in modest possessions.

Groups are like people and nations are like individuals, in every situation and in each case. It is not difficult to compare with those examples.

It is of the mercy of Allah to be able to feel His mercy. That is because you are already embraced and overwhelmed by His mercy, but your feeling of it, looking forward to it, and having hope in it, this is the real mercy. Your trust in His mercy and expecting it in every matter is the real mercy. The real agony is your agony when this mercy abandons you, or when you despair of it or doubt it. It is an agony that Allah never afflicts a believer with. “Surely none despairs of Allah’s mercy except the unbelieving people.”

Allah never withholds anyone from seeking His mercy anywhere or anyhow. Anyone who asks for His mercy will definitely find it. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) (Abraham) found it inside the fire. Prophet Yusuf (AS) (Joseph) found it inside the well as well as in prison. Yunus (AS) (Jonah) found it inside the whale’s abdomen in three darkness. Musa (AS) (Moses) found it in the sea, while he was a completely helpless child, as he found it in Pharaoh’s palace while he was his enemy who was looking for him. The Companions of the Cave found it inside the cave while they missed it in palaces and houses. They said to one another, “then seek refuge in the Cave; your Lord will open a way for you from His Mercy….” Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his companion found it in the cavern when their people were chasing and tracing them. The mercy of Allah is found by any one, who seeks refuge to it despairing of any other mercy, depending on no other power but the power of Allah, heading for no other doors but the door of Allah.

Furthermore, whenever Allah opens the doors of His mercy, no one can withhold it, and whenever He withholds his mercy, no one can send it. Hence, there is no fear of anyone or hope in anyone, there is no fear of anything or hope in anything. There is no fear to miss a means, and there is no hope having the means. It is only Allah’s well, and to Him return all affairs. What Allah opens, no one can withhold, and what He withholds, no one can send. The command is directly to Allah and there is none to put back His decrees. He sends and withholds in accordance with ultimate wisdom behind sending and withholding.

There is nothing hindering people to seek the mercy of Allah. All they have to do is to seek it directly from Allah without mediation or intercession except heading to Him in obedience, hope, confidence and submission.

There is no hope in any of His creation or fear from any of His creation as none can send a mercy that Allah withholds. What tranquility?! What stability?! What lucidity in concepts, feelings, values and standards, this verse establishes in the conscience?!

One verse depicts a new image of life and establishes in the feeling stable values and standards for this life. These values and standards never shake or oscillate or change no matter what the circumstances are.

When this one verse is well established in a human heart, he then will stand as firm and solid as a mountain facing all events, objects, persons, forces, values and considerations. Even if those all powers are supported by the combination of mankind and jinn, they cannot send the mercy of Allah if He withholds it, neither can they withhold His mercy if He sends it.

In The Shade of The Qur’an

Sayyed Qutb

Translated by: Amany el-Morshidy

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  1. By reading this makes me repent…
    i love Allah..i admit that i’ve been forgetting him..but nw i realised…hes the creator..hes my god..and i love him so much.. <<<3333 🙁

  2. Dear Filial child,
    How beautiful is your comment.May Allah accept your repentance and everyone’s who turns to Him,amin.
    How amazing the Mercy of Allah.It engulfs the heart and overflows in tears in the eyes.O Allah,we are all sinners if Thou doesn”t have mercy on our faults we will surely be lost.

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