The Power of Expression

The wondrous secret behind the power and vitality of expression is not in the glamour of words or the rhythm in the music of phrases. Rather, it lies in the power of faith in the inherent meaning of words and what lies behind the meaning; it is in that decisive insistence to transform the written word into live-action and the realized meaning into tangible reality.

Sayyed Qutb

Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy

Edited by: Amany Al-Sayyed

3 thoughts on “The Power of Expression”

  1. That is what a sign (???) is and that is why every verse of the Quran, and every creation in the universe, is a sign pointing to God, if one would pause and ponder them.

    Baaraka Allaahu Feekuma.

  2. Masha Alla…yes, is a sign. It is of God’s power that He inspired man to use the pen to express himself, and it is of His power that He pours man’s sincere faith on what he says and writes.

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