Face Realities of Life

“The realities of life are harsh and discomforting. And there is nothing more discomforting than truth. So we seek refuge in lies. We indulge in denial, because we wish to avoid the pain of facing realities. But the problem is that we can deceive ourselves only for so long, for we cannot ignore the inevitable indefinitely. We may attempt to temporize knowing that we have to face realities eventually.”

Khalid Mahmoud


1 thought on “Face Realities of Life”

  1. The problem with living a lie is that we all will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment when only the truth will be allowed!

    We have one life in which to decide whether we should accept reality and truth, as bitter as they may be, or falsehood and delusions as tempting and comfortable as they may be. Death makes that decision final and irreversible! And since death can come to anybody at any time, that decision needs to be made now!

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