Don’t look at expressions on faces. Don’t listen to what is said with tongues. Don’t let tears sway you. They are all but products of human skin. It changes everyday. Look instead for what is under the skin. Not the heart either, as it also fluctuates, nor the mind, as it changes its point of view whenever it changes its perspective. Moreover, the mind may accept at present what it denied in the past. Even scientists change their theories.

No, my son! If you want to understand a human, look at his or her action in a moment of free choice. Just then you will get very surprised as you may see a saint prostituting, and a whore praying! You may find a physician drinking poison, and you may get shocked by your friend stabbing your back, while your enemy saving you! You may see a servant who acts as noble as a master, and a master acts as despicable as the lowest servant! You may see kings taking bribes and wretches giving charity.

Look at man when there is no fear to stop him; when caution sleeps, desire gets satisfied and barriers fall. Just then you can see man’s reality: walking on four legs like an animal, or flying like an angel, or creeping like a snake, or eating mud like worms.


Dr. Mustapha Mahmoud

Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy            

5 thoughts on “Reality”

  1. Ma shaa Allaah, powerful. Sometimes though, Alhamdulillaah, some people cement klove & expectation with how they exceeed what ever you imagined of them. Allaah kareem.

  2. Mash’Allah! This was a real eyeopner! Jazakallah kheir for posting. 🙂

  3. Mashallah, very good. i love it. it’s very good. Yes, i always wonder how to look at a person, probably they’re eyes. But now i have figured out by this it is when they are alone, or have any free time on their hands it is when they truly let out their personality 🙂

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