Islamic Quotes.net  is a small window through which the beauty of Islam is presented to the wole world. Islam is the religion of divine wisdom, divine justice and divine beauty. 
It is logical that you can only judge something after making an (or the) effort to know it well. . So, Islamic Quotes.net provides a chance to know about Islam that is not usually illustrated or emphasised.

The blog also contains a category in which words of wisdom from all over the world are collected, which Muslim and non Muslim intellectuals said.  Muslims  are required  to seek knowledge and wisdom wherever it is. .

There is also a category in which unique articles are translated for the first time on the internet. The articles were written by some of the most wise and knowledgeable intellectuals in Muslim world.

The team of Islamic Quotes.net pray that Allah (SWT) accepts this humble effort from us and benefit from it.

Islamic Quotes Team

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  1. Asalamalykum warahmatullahi wa barkatuhu you have posted very nice quotes on your website.

    Many of the quotes are new to me and your selection of pictures are heavenly

    I would like to request you to please please do carry on this great work and never expect from human beings but Allah.

    You have inspired me alot

    If you don’t mind i am taking some of your quotes 😆

  2. Masha ALLAH! A wonderful blog and information of wisdom and precious pearls of knowledge that is spritually beneficial in our growth as striving muslims. Al Hamdulilah!

  3. 😆 😛 Keep up the lovely work and amazing reminders for all people to benefit from especially muslims all over the world.
    Please,continue if at all possible.Ma salaama,Maarje

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