Islam Provides Immortality


Materialistic civilization has not provided for man except demise and life which goes on in futility and ends up in vain. On the contrary, Islam provides bestowal for immortality and life going on for the true wisdom behind it and moving from one phase to another according to constant laws of divine justice. In divine justice, no deed goes in vain, even if it was an atom’s weight of good or evil….” Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it! And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it.” (TMQ[1], 99:7, 8)

Dr. Mustapha Mahmoud
Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy
Edited by: Asiya Mohammed




[1] Translating the meaning of the Qur’an









Search for Savior

There are many slogans shouting from here and there emitting from confused hearts and rising from tired throats; they shout for a savior and search for a rescuer. People imagine specific features and characteristics that should be found in their prospective savior. Those specific features can never apply on anyone except on this religion (Islam.)!

Sayyed Qutb

Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy


Face Realities of Life

“The realities of life are harsh and discomforting. And there is nothing more discomforting than truth. So we seek refuge in lies. We indulge in denial, because we wish to avoid the pain of facing realities. But the problem is that we can deceive ourselves only for so long, for we cannot ignore the inevitable indefinitely. We may attempt to temporize knowing that we have to face realities eventually.”

Khalid Mahmoud

The Power of Expression

The wondrous secret behind the power and vitality of expression is not in the glamour of words or the rhythm in the music of phrases. Rather, it lies in the power of faith in the inherent meaning of words and what lies behind the meaning; it is in that decisive insistence to transform the written word into live-action and the realized meaning into tangible reality.

Sayyed Qutb

Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy

Edited by: Amany Al-Sayyed