The Virtuous Woman

I am not afraid of a wicked woman as she provokes me to be fully prepared with all my weapons, whereas the virtuous woman terrifies me. That is because her virtue makes me lay down my weapons, and put my soul in her hands unreservedly                                                                                        Dr. Mustapha Mahmoud Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy

The Truth

Who can say, “I have realized the truth.”?! Who dares to say that he knows himself? It is not out of modesty to say: “Allah knows best.” Rather it is the only sure truth in this world. Actually we are completely ignorant of what is happening even under our eyes and ears. In spite of … Read more


Freedom is meaningless in a world without obstacles. Moreover, in such a world man can not be called free. That is because in such a world there are no obstructions to his desires that make him free through overcoming them. Freedom expresses itself through the obstacles you can overcome. It reveals itself through action and counteraction. … Read more

The True Wealth

The true wealth is to be in no need….and the true ownership is when you  are not owned by anyone, nor possessed by a desire, or controlled by a whim. The true sultanate is when you gain a carat of love in the state of hearts everyday. Remember that those who own land get possessed … Read more