What Is the Frontier of your Knowledge?

There is a huge difference between that man who has profound knowledge of himself and his Lord and the professor whose knowledge stops at the material and its laws. The real idiot is the one who knows about material while being oblivious of the Lord of the material

Dr. Mustapha Mahmoud

Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy

What Have you Done to Islam?

 Al-Hassan Al-Bassry said, “Islam will come on the Day of Judgment as if it is a human being, then it will look at everybody’s face and say: “O Allah, this man has granted me victory, but that man has let me down….” and so on. Till it comes to Omar Ibnul-Khattab, then Islam takes the hand of Omar and raises it and says, ” O Allah, I was stranger on earth till this man adopted Islam” !!!

Translated by: Noha Diab

Four and Four

A wise man said, “Four things are good, but other four are better:

Shyness is good when shown by men, but it is better when shown by women.

Justice is good when adopted by everyone, but it is better when adopted by judges and rulers.

Repentance of an old man is good, but it is better from a young one.

Generosity is good by the rich, but it is better by the poor.                            


Translated by: Amany Elmorshidy