Avoid poisoning yourself

Eating flesh of dead bodies is definitely poisonous. That is exactly what happens to those who practice gossip, spying and backbiting. They do not only assassinate dignity and reputation of others, but also poison purity and innocence of their own hearts. The damage they cause to their own selves is bigger than the damage caused … Read more

Beauty of Islam

The beauty of Islam is that nothing is wasted, nothing is meaningless. Giving some water to a thirsty homeless animal can wipe out all your past sins. Birds and animals eating from plants you grow in your garden is a charity.  A compassionate touch on an orphan’s head is appreciated by God. A smile and … Read more

Freedom or Slavery

Sometimes slavery (thralldom) disguises itself in the garment of freedom. It then appears as breaking away from all restrictions, traditions and customs. It appears as removal from all human responsibilities in this life.                                                                                              There is an essential difference between breaking the shackles of humiliation, pressure and weakness, and breaking those of humanity and its … Read more


One of the most precious gifts that God can provide for you is to be a father. Being compassionate, loving and understanding father is the only way to be thankful to Allah.